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李金华,男,中共党员。北京理工大学教授,博士生导师。德国洪堡学者,国际科学组织Vebleo协会会士。北理工“特立青年学者”,北理工医学技术学院党委委员、教代会主席、医用材料与组织工程学科方向责任教授,徐特立学院学术导师,求是书院班主任、学育导师。波兰国家科学中心(National Science Center, Poland)等多个项目评审专家。主要研究方向为生物材料、3D打印、组织工程、再生医学、微纳米机器人、智能药物递送等。在Chemical Society Reviews,Advanced Materials,Materials Today,Materials Science and Engineering: R: Reports,Advanced Functional Materials,Biomaterials等国际著名学术期刊累计发表SCI论文60余篇,撰写书章节1篇,h值35,累计引用4500余次(Google Scholar),ESI高被引论文4篇,ESI热点论文2篇。担任Advanced Materials,Advanced Functional Materials,Biomaterials,Advanced Fiber Materials等期刊审稿人。为本科生与研究生讲授《生物材料学》、《再生医学与组织工程》、《科幻电影中的科学技术》三门课程。个人学术主页:。

2016年毕业于中国科学院上海硅酸盐研究所,被授予材料学博士学位。随后,在香港大学 李嘉诚医学院从事博士后研究工作。期间荣获德国联邦教育及研究部和德国洪堡基金会资助,以洪堡学者(Alexander von Humboldt Fellow)身份于德累斯顿工业大学 Carl Gustav Carus医学院主持个人项目。2020年荣获欧盟European Structural and Investment Funds资金资助,以研究员身份加入捷克布拉格化工大学,后荣获欧盟Horizon 2020玛丽•居里学者项目。2021年入选北京理工大学“特立青年学者”高层次人才项目,被聘为教授、博士生导师,成为医学技术学院最年轻的教授。担任Cyborg and Bionic Systems期刊正式编委,Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences、BMEMat、Exploration等期刊青年编委。曾荣获香港大学Faculty Outstanding Research Output Award、Wiley Open Science Excellent Author Program、UCAS-BHP Billiton Scholarship、上海市优秀毕业生、宝钢优秀学生奖、博士研究生国家奖学金、安徽省三好学生、中国科学院大学三好学生、大学生国家奖学金等荣誉。

Topic title: Advanced Biomaterials and Biofabrication for Tissue Regeneration


Regenerative medicine seeks to replace or repair damaged/diseased human tissues and organs. To achieve this purpose, a variety of strategies have been developed, ranging from biomedical implants to drug delivery and cell therapy. Developing advanced biomaterials and biofabrication techniques plays an important role in the field of tissue regeneration. In this context, I will give a talk to introduce some representative work in our group, including four aspects: (1) surface modification of implants for bone tissue regeneration; (2) medical micro/nanorobots for active disease targeting and treatment; (3) polymeric microneedles for drug and vaccine delivery; (4) 3D printing and biofabrication for tissue engineering. Results show that multiple strategies can be integrated into the design and development of advanced biomaterials to endow them with multiple functions and achieve favorable outcomes of disease therapy and tissue repair.

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