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Pro.Yudong Zheng is the chief professor of Biomedical Materials Laboratory, doctoral supervisor, deputy director of Biomedical Materials Research Center, and director of university-enterprise Joint Laboratory of Biomedical Materials Engineering, School of Materials Science and Technology Beijing. She has long been engaged in the research and engineering of biomedical materials and implanted medical devices, and has presided over and completed more than 30 national, provincial and industry-university-research and engineering projects. For the academic achievements, she has published more than 140 high-level SCI papers, many of which are highly cited, and obtained more than 30 national invention patents. She has also won many awards for scientific research achievements, including Innovation Award of China Industry-University-Research Cooperation, Science and Technology Award of Chinese Society of Biomaterials, etc. A number of scientific research achievements of her have been successfully transformed. For the teaching achievements, she has edited or participated in the publication of several textbooks or monographs, and has been awarded many times for teaching achievements and teaching reform projects at university level and above. She has educated more than 80 master students and doctoral students, and many of them have won national scholarships and excellent master's and doctor's dissertations. Moreover, she led the students to win the Capital Challenge Cup Special Prize of science and technology innovation/National Challenge Cup award for many times.

Professor Yudong Zheng is now the Fellow of International Union of Biomaterials Science and Engineering(FBSE), Member of professional group of Medical Device Classification Technical Committee of STATE Food and Drug Administration, medical device evaluation expert of State Food and Drug Administration, standing director of Chinese Society of Biomaterials, Deputy director of Biocomposits branch committee of  Chinese society of  Biomaterials and Chinese society for composite materials, Member of orthopaedic/nerve/advanced manufacturing branch committee of Chinese society of biomaterials,  Member of  biomaterials branch committee of Chinese biomedical engineering society, Expert member of Antibacterial Industry Branch of National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association, China patent examination technical expert of State Intellectual Property Office, etc.

Topic title: Bionic Construction of Novel Functional  Bacterial Cellulose Composites and the Application  for Tissue Regenaration


In this work, Bacterial Cellulose was modified with different chemical group, then compound with Nano particals  antibacterial agent , protein, or conductive   polymer,  to obtain  various functional biocomposites  used for varatous biomedical application was intruduction, including  wound  dressings and skin regeneration with antibacterial and healing promotion, and the used for the Soft tissue patchs for urethral, abdominal wall or hernia  repair.      As well as   these  BC biocomposites  also  used for  Tissue engineering scaffold   for cartilage  and  nerve  reconstruction.

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