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Zhao Fujian is currently an associate professor and dentist at Stomatological Hospital, Southern Medical University. He received his Ph.D. degree from South China University of Technology in 2018, followed by postdoc at Southern Medical University. His research interests focus on preparation of bioactive glass bone repair materials and their mechanism of regulating osteogenesis. The research results have been published in Bioact Mater, Biomaterials, Chem Eng J, ACS Appl Mater Inter, etc.

Topic title: Research on Bone Augmentation Based on Osteoinductivity of Bioactive Glass


In recent years, bioactive glasses (BG) have caused much attention due to its superior bone repair performance. However, it is rarely noticed whether BG have the ability to form new bone out of cortical bone for achieving bone augmentation. We have conducted a series of research on the topic of “fabrication of bone augmentation materials and its osteogenesis mechanism”. We found that BG can directly form new bone outside cortical bone to achieve alveolar bone augmentation, which expanding its application; Then, the bone augmentation BG materials were fabricated to meet the requirements of material implantation in bone augmentation position; On this basis, a new dental implant was preliminarily designed to try clinical transformation. In addition, the mechanism of BG promoting osteogenesis and angiogenesis was revealed. These studies have expanded the application fields of BG and provided new ideas for bone regeneration material design.

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