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Wu Wei is currently a vice chief physician and associate professor in Chinses PLA General Hospital. He received his Ph.D. degree from Third Military Medical University in 2016. His research interests focus on tissue engineering retina. The research results have been published in Small, Protein Cell, Nanotoxicology, International Journal of Nanomedicine, etc.

Topic title: Tissue engineering retina


Tissue engineering retina is a biomimetic retina constructed through various retinal cells and biological scaffolds. It can not only be used to prepare disease models, but also has great application prospects in the treatment of retinal diseases. At present, research has successfully constructed single-layer cell sheets using tissue engineering techniques, such as tissue engineered retinal pigment epithelium and tissue engineered retinal ganglion cell layers, but has not yet been able to construct a structure similar to the layered arrangement of multi-layer retinal cells in vivo. 3D bioprinting has unique advantages in constructing multi-layer cell structures and is gradually being used to construct tissue engineering retina. This study will summarize the progress of tissue engineering retina and discuss the application prospects of 3D bioprinting in the tissue engineering retina.

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