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Professor/Deputy Dean of School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Beihang University. Dr. Chen’s research is focused on the bio-inspired functional surface, micro/nano fabrication, micro/nano fluidics, and its applications in aerospace and precision. He is the Leading Talent of Ten Thousand Plan, Outstanding Young Scientist Foundation of National Nature Science Foundation of China, a JSPE Fellow etc. Dr. Chen has authored more than 100 journal papers in Nature, Nature Materials, Sci. Adv., Advanced Materials, Advanced Science, Small.

Topic title: Micro-nano hierarchical bioinspired bio-interface


The bio-device contact interfaces have growing requirements in diverse functions, such as the securing fixation of wearable sensors and the anti-adhesion of electrical knives and electrocoagulation hooks. These bring up the common requirements of bio-device interface, i.e. the strong wet attachment and high-temperature anti-adhesion properties.  However, since gas and liquid generally exist between the contact interface, their behavior is extremely complex and greatly affects the surface function. To discover the law of dynamic behavior of interfacial liquid and their influence on surface function is very necessary for the innovative design and manufacturing of bio-devices contact surface. This speech will focus on (1) the functional strategy and fabrication approach of micro-nano hierarchical bioinspired surface, and (2) the progress in the study of dynamic liquid behavior on the micro-nano hierarchical surface.

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