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Topic title:Research on the functional reconstruction of mandibular segmental defects


Mandibular segmental defects resulting from resection for traumas, benign or malignant neoplasms can lead to disturbances in mastication, swallowing, and phonation. The reconstruction of mandibular defects has always been a challenge in maxillofacial surgery. Over the past decades, many clinical solutions have been adopted for mandibular reconstruction; however, all of them have limitations or deficiencies in restoring facial aesthetics and oral functions. With the development of additive manufacturing techniques and computer technology, 3D-printed customized scaffolds, finite element analysis, and bone regeneration computer models provide a reliable theoretical basis and technical support for functional reconstruction in the mandible. This study proposes and validates a working framework for a novel 3D customized lattice-like scaffold for mandibular reconstruction based on biomechanical and mechanobiological approaches. Reconstructing mandibular segmental defects necessitates providing robust and scientifically grounded clinical foundations which can be achieved by offering novel insights into the design criteria for regenerative implants.

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