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Dr Zhiguang GUO is a full professor and the Dean of School of Materials Science and Engineering, Hubei University. Till now, he has published more than 500 papers about the interfaces of Materials, cited more than 20000 times, and H-index is about 75. He has systematically studied the interfacial behaviors of mechanical bionic materials of tribology, especially focusing on the corresponding surface wettability and sliding behavior of surface and interface. Moreover, he has found the relationship between their structures and related properties, and proposed their bionic functional three-phase contact models, and put forward some new and smart fabrication methods and their new promising applications.

Topic title: Biomimetic materials of tribology and their applications


Nature is wonderful and amazing, which can give us a lot of indications. In last decades, we have fabricated many kinds of biomimetic materials inspired by nature, and these materials show excellent properties, which can be applied many important industrial fields, such as separation, water-harvesting ect. Friction is two faces, one is helpful for human beings, and the other is harmful, which can make a lot of loss for materials, energy, sizes and so on. Lubrication is an effective way to reduce friction by various kinds of lubricants. Among them, liquid lubrications are the most used due to their excellent properties, compared solid lubricants. Once water was mixed into the liquid lubricant, and it will largely reduce the lubrication efficiency by hindering the formation of lubrication films and forming more serve corrosion wear for metal frictional pairs. How to remove water from liquid lubricants is still a challenge for us. Herein, some interesting researches will be introduced. This will open a new route for the separation of oil/water mixtures.  

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