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Biography: Dr. Bo Zhang received his medical degree from the Air Force Military Medical University. He completed his PhD degree in urology at the Air Force Military Medical University.

Dr. Zhang started his medical career in External Medicine at Air Force Military Medical University Second Hospital (Tangdu hospital). He did research as a visiting scholar at James Cancer Hospital, Ohio State University for one years. During this period, engaged in research on tumor immunology in urology.

Dr. Zhang currently serves as the Director of the Urology Department at Tangdu Hospital, Air Force Medical University. He is the Vice President of the Andrology and Sexual Medicine Physician Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, President of the Urology Physicians Branch of the Shaanxi Medical Doctor Association, Chairman of the Shaanxi Urology Specialized Alliance, Member of the Robotics Group of the Chinese Medical Association Urology Branch, Committee Member of the Chinese 3D Printing Medical Equipment Professional Committee, and an International Member of the American Urological Association (AUA). He also serves as an editorial board member for journals such as the Journal of Robotic Surgery, Chinese Journal of Cellular and Stem Cell, Journal of Air Force Medical University, and Modern Urology Journal.  

Dr. Zhang clinical practice has been focused on the field of medical engineering, where he pioneered the minimally invasive treatment of nutcracker syndrome using 3D-printed vascular stents. He is the innovator of 3D-printing-assisted completely laparoscopic fully intracorporeal autologous transplantation and the implementation of 3D-printed slices for precise localization of endogenous renal tumors. Dr. Zhang has also contributed to the use of 3D-printing in the treatment of complex kidney stones. Notably, he achieved a world-first in the application of 4D-printing for seamless mesh bag folding surgery in the treatment of massive renal hydronephrosis.

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Topic title: Combination of medicine with engineering in Intelligent Manufacturing at TangDu Hospital Urology


This presentation focuses on the integration of medical and engineering technologies to address challenges in urological surgery. Four key areas are explored: the integration of medicine and engineering, 3D printing applications in urology, electronic laser techniques, and the influence of artificial intelligence and new materials on male health. The application of 3D printing technology in urology is examined, encompassing the use of vascular stents in nutcracker syndrome, 3D-printed cold-jackets for renal autotransplantation, 3D-printed slices for precise tumor localization in Completely Endogenous Renal Tumor, and the use of 3D-printed moulds in complex renal stone. The discussion on the impact of spinal cord injuries on neurogenic bladder and the application of "Bo-laser" minimally invasive treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia. Lastly, the presentation explores artificial intelligence and new materials, such as the use of penile prothesis implantation for treating Erectile Dysfunction. This overview highlights the transformative impact of cutting-edge technologies on urological surgery, providing insights into the future of urological system health interventions.

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