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Topic title: 3D micro/nanoscale additive manufacturing using focused ion beam chemical vapor deposition


In the realm of micro and nano-scale additive manufacturing, Focused Ion Beam Chemical Vapor Deposition (FIB-CVD) has been identified as a transformative technology for the fabrication of three-dimensional structures with nanometer order precision. This paper explores advancements in 3D micro/nanoscale additive manufacturing facilitated by FIB-CVD, emphasizing its pivotal role in producing devices with features across the micro to nanoscale. We offer an extensive analysis of FIB-CVD, including physical property characterization of micro/nanostructures, development of techniques for crafting large-area, high-precision structures, and strategies for assembling 3D layered constructs. Our findings reveal significant enhancements in the accuracy and quality of 3D micro/nanostructures, underscoring FIB-CVD's capacity to fulfill the exacting demands of micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), semiconductor, and integrated circuit sectors, among others. This research underpins the evolution of high-precision, superior-quality 3D printing technologies, propelling forward sectors such as electronic information communication, digital high-definition display, and advanced manufacturing.

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