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欧阳宏伟,良渚实验室再生医学与衰老干预领域首席PI,浙江大学求是特聘教授,国家基金委杰青、交叉学部首批创新研究群体项目获得者,美国医学与生物工程院Fellow,国际骨关节炎学会(OASRI)Program Committee,中国生物医学工程学会组织工程与再生医学分会第四届主任委员。率先开展了关节软骨组织工程临床移植治疗,开拓蚕丝材料成为医用级原材料,牵头建立了医用蚕丝国家医药行业标准。在良渚实验室开展探索“信息、机械、化学、生物医学,临床医学”等多学科交叉协同攻关模式,创新运动系统再生医学和衰老干预科技。

Title: Musculoskeletal tissue science and  tissue engineering


With the development of economy and healthcare, human life expectancy has been increasing at a rapid rate. In the context of aging, our body becomes fragile. Musculoskeletal system occupies 60-70% of the body weight and is often affected by  sports injuries, leading to a heavy medical cost for the clinical tissue repair. The therapeutics for musculoskeletal diseases are at three levels: removal, replacement and regeneration. Currently, however, the treatment in clinics remains to be trapped at the removal and replacement level. For example, it is still difficult to regenerate soft tissues like cartilage and tendon after decades of research. This talk aims to overview our efforts on cartilage and tendon regeneration by sharing the story and philosophy of our research during the last 15 years when I gradually change my role from an orthopedic surgeon to a bioengineer. With the new techniques, we can go to the upstream, and uncover some new knowledge. With the increasing new understanding, we realize that the blocking of pathogenesis should be firstly required for clinical tissue regeneration before the promotion of regeneration, which is different from acute injury treatment. We attempt to figure out the framework of developing new therapeutics, and provide new insights into tissue biology, tissue pathology and tissue regeneration. We wish to formulate the paradigm of “ the blocking of disease pathogenesis and the promotion of a rapid regeneration” in the future sports medicine.

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