Invited Speaker

Akihiko Chiba

Tohoku University

Update time:2024-02-29 14:07

Prof. Chiba, who recently retired from the Institute for Materials Research at Tohoku University and was named an honorary professor, now serves as a specially appointed professor at NICHe, Tohoku University. His work focuses on advancing metal additive manufacturing technologies. Known for his research in Metal Material Science and Material Processing, Prof. Chiba has developed new materials and processing technologies by examining microstructures at various scales. He introduced the concept of intelligent forging, using material science to optimize processing conditions, and has made significant contributions to the fields of metal materials, thermo-mechanical processing, and electron beam additive manufacturing. In 2020, he was honored with the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award and has also received an academic award from the Japan Institute of Metals.

Topic title: Technical Challenges and Potential of Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing


In our presentation, we'll explore key challenges and advancements in Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing (EBAM), focusing on how process parameters and metal powder quality affect the microstructure and integrity of the final product. We'll delve into melt pool dynamics, crucial for defect-free and microstructurally controlled builds, leveraging computational thermofluid dynamics simulations for insights into melt pool behavior that's difficult to achieve experimentally. We'll also contrast EBAM with Laser Beam Additive Manufacturing (LBAM), highlighting differences in melt pool characteristics and defect formation mechanisms. A novel approach to address the issue of smoke, caused by electrostatically charged powder particles, will be introduced, aiming to improve predictive capabilities beyond empirical methods. Furthermore, the impact of metal powder shape on the EBAM process's efficiency and product quality will be discussed through Inconel 718 alloy experiments, demonstrating how powder morphology influences melting behavior and build quality. This talk aims to illuminate EBAM's complexities and its revolutionary potential in metal additive manufacturing, emphasizing enhanced control over material properties and microstructure.

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