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Dr. Zhang is Professor and Doctoral Supervisor at Chongqing Medical University, also serving as the Associate Chief Physician of the affiliated Stomatology Hospital. She is recognized as a talent and innovative leader, young and middle-aged medical high-end talent, Bayu (Youth) Scholar of Chongqing, and was selected for the major science and technology talent project at Chongqing Medical University. Her research focuses on the pathogenesis of periodontitis in systemic diseases and the development of oral tissue regeneration materials. Over the past five years, she has led 8 national and provincial-level scientific research and talent projects. She has published 20 SCI papers as the first/corresponding author in prestigious journals such as Advanced Materials, Advanced Functional Materials (2), Bioactive Materials, Aggregate, Chemical Engineering Journal, and Small (3).

Topic title: Development and application of regenerative materials adapted to extreme periodontal environments


Periodontitis is not only the most prevalent infectious disease but also a risk factor for various chronic illnesses. Due to the rich blood supply in the maxillofacial region and the open oral environment, challenges exist in maintaining dryness, sterility, and promoting regeneration in periodontal tissue regeneration. Our  team has discovered that the mucous secreted by the Andrias davidianus when stimulated,which have wet adhesion, antibacterial, hemostatic, and regenerative capabilities. Therefore, we have utilized the skin extraction of A. davidianus, named as SSAD, to develop bio-materials that promote the regeneration of both soft and hard tissues.

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