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Wen Zeng is currently director of Cell Biology Department, Army Medical University. Assistant Director, National Key Laboratory of Trauma and Chemical Poisoning. Director of Stem Cell Department, Engineering Research Center for Tissue and Organ Regeneration and Manufacturing, Ministry of Education. Winners of Excellent youth fund of NSF, winner of the National Defense Science and Technology Outstanding Youth Science Fund, Chief of the Young Scientist Project of the National Key Research and Development Program, top talent of the military high-level innovation talent engineering discipline, Winner of Chongqing Outstanding Youth Science Fund, Chongqing Elite Innovation leading talent. The second representative of the China Association for Science and Technology Youth Talent Lifting Project. Led the "Stem cell and tissue regeneration" Chongqing university innovative research group. She presided over more than 10 projects such as national key research and development programs. She has published more than 20 papers in high-level journals such as Nature Communications and Science Advances (16 papers IF> 10), won the first prize of Chongqing Technical invention, and authorized 4 national invention patents. Wen Zeng was invited to write the monograph 《Encyclopedia of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative》, as co-editor of 3 SCI journals. She has also made invited presentations at international academic conferences for many times.

Topic title: Stem cells and the regeneration of tissue engineered blood vessels


Vascular transplantation is the ultimate effective means for the treatment of vascular diseases. However, due to problems such as early thrombosis, late intimal hyperplasia and calcification, small diameter tissue engineered blood vessels (labeled as sd-TEBV) with a diameter of less than 4mm have not yet entered the clinic. According to the pathological microenvironment, the key targets of thrombosis stubbornness and the mechanism of endothelial regeneration disorders were elucidated, and a new anti-thrombotic strategy was designed to integrate diagnosis and treatment, promote the endothelialization of sd-TEBV, and promote their long-term patency. We reveal the mechanism of long term restenosis of sd-TEBV, regulate the immune microenvironment and stem cells in vivo, induce smooth muscle and nerve reconstruction, and effectively inhibit the intimal hyperplasia and calcification of small blood vessels. Focusing on the pain points that are difficult to monitor intervention in real time after engineering blood vessel transplantation, we developed an intelligent suture that Endowing small blood vessels with new functions such as sensing, monitoring and treatment, realizing accurate and controllable drug cell delivery, and helping small blood vessels promote tissue repair and regeneration. At the same time, we strengthen the transformation application and successfully develop small-caliber bioartificial blood vessels, which is expected to provide usable products for small-caliber blood vessel reconstruction.

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