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Xia Wang, Dean Assistant, Institute for Precision Medicine, Tsinghua University; Vice President, China Society for the Promotion of Science and Technology Commercialization.

Dr. Wang used to work for Nokia Research center, Beijing as Research Leader and Senior Researcher, in the field of Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Machine Translation, Artificial Intelligence, User Experience ans Usability Study. She is now in charge of strategic planning and technology transfer of Institute for Precision Medicine and Institute for Intelligent Healthcare, Tsinghua University. She has been working on AI technology development and applications for the past 25 years and gained insights on technology transfer. She has supported a number of projects during commercialization, setup systematic mechanisms of Med+X transfer, built a technology transfer network with hundreds of partners in the Eco-system.

Topic title:Med+X Technology Transfer: Challenges and Advances


Echnology transfer refers to the transformation of scientific research results into products or services with practical application value, in order to promote social and economic development. In the field of medicine, technology transfer has extremely high social value and economic benefits, which can promote the progress of medical technology, improve the level of disease diagnosis and treatment, and improve people's quality of life. However, technology transfer in the medical field faces various challenges, such as difficulty in technology transfer, long clinical trial cycles, and high capital investment. Tsinghua University has conducted in-depth cross-disciplinary studies in medicine and technology, and has produced fruitful results, such as surgical robots, surgical navigation systems, and flexible wearable devices. This talk will be based on the technology transfer practice of Tsinghua University in the field of medicine and engineering integration, and share advanced experiences in the field of medical technology transfer.

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