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Zhu Chuhong,the obtainer of National Outstanding Youth Funds. Chief of National Key R&D Programme, Chairman of Vascular Branch of Chinese Anatomical Society, Outstanding Scientist of Chongqing Municipality. He is currently the director of the Human Anatomy Department of Army Medical University, the director of the Engineering Research Centre of the Ministry of Education for Tissue and Organ Regeneration and Manufacturing, and the director of the Chongqing Organ Intelligent Biofabrication Engineering Research Centre. He is engaged in the research of engineered blood vessels and complex tissue and organ construction, and has been funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China for more than ten key projects, industry-university research and other topics. Focusing on the major clinical needs, he has overcome a series of problems in engineering vascular thrombosis and vascularised complex tissues and organs construction, and his major achievements include: 1) the construction of small-calibre engineered blood vessels with all the elements functionalised; 2) the construction of vascularised series of tissues; and 3) the construction of vascularised organs and organ chips, which lays the foundation for the industrialisation of vascularisation of organ-like organs and the application of organ chips.

In recent years, he has published more than 20 SCI papers in Science Advances, ACS Nano, Biomaterials and other journals with IF 10 or above as corresponding author (including co-author). We have applied for and obtained more than 40 patents, transferred 5 invention patents to enterprises and are negotiating the transformation of 5 patents, formulated 21 technical standards for products, and obtained 17 certificates of Class III medical device registration and other product certificates for technological support, and the related products have been promoted and applied in more than 600 units inside and outside the military. The company has won the first prize of Chongqing Municipal Technological Invention, the second prize of Army and Chongqing Municipal Scientific and Technological Progress, Guangzhou Science and Technology Achievement Award, and Guangzhou Science and Technology Enterprise Incubator Innovation Team. It has been approved as a major project for the construction of Chongqing Science and Technology Innovation Centre, and has cultivated young talents such as National Excellent Youth and National Defence Excellent Youth.

Topic title: Vascularised Complex Tissue and Organ Construction


With nearly 10 million patients dying of end-organ failure every year, the construction of vascularised biological organs, such as heart, lung, liver and kidney, is expected to occupy the high ground in the field of organ transplantation as they can survive in vivo and perform their functions after transplantation. Since 2005, our group has proposed the theory of "constructing tissue-engineered blood vessels captured by endothelial progenitor cells in vivo", and we have been conducting a long-term series of research on tissue-engineered blood vessels and the construction of vascularised complex tissues and organs. (1) By studying the relationship between neuromodulation and the construction of tissue-engineered blood vessels in vivo, we have constructed small-calibre engineered blood vessels innervated by nerves; (2) how the energy metabolism of stem cells affects the endothelialisation process of engineered blood vessels; (3) through the endothelial progenitor cell aptamer capture combined with the adenosine kinase RNA interference technology to increase the level of endogenous adenosine as a cellular bioreactor, we have constructed tissue-engineered blood vessels that are resistant to hyperglycemia injury. (4) Screened some small molecule drugs for vascular remodelling under disease conditions. (5) On the basis of theoretical and technological research on small-calibre engineered blood vessels, in view of the fact that vascularisation is a constraint to the reconstruction of complex tissues and organs, we propose to promote the engineered construction of complex tissues and organs through the bionic construction of blood vessels and networks; we have developed a series of vascularised engineered products and technologies, such as new bioartificial blood vessels, cardiac repair materials, vascularised tissues, organ-like products, etc., and have formulated technical requirements for 17 medical device products, and our technical We have formulated 17 technical requirements for medical device products, obtained 9 product certificates including Class III medical device registration certificates, and won the First Prize of Chongqing Municipal Technological Invention.

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