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张德远-Plenary speaker


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Prof.Zhang Deyuan has undertaken more than 10 key projects from the National 863 Program, the National Natural Science Foundation and the General Armaments Department. He is also principle investigator of more than 20 major engineering projects from industrial enterprises. Professor Zhang has published more than 300 papers and filed more than 100 patents. He has been honored with one International Invention Exhibition Gold Medal and five provincial science & technology progress awards. Professor Zhang is the supervisor of one Top100 national excellent doctoral thesis, and also the corresponding author of a paper published on Nature magazine.

  • Continuous directional water transport on the peristome surface of Nepenthes alata,NATURE, 532(7597),2016.04
  • Wave type high-quality processing technology and equipment for difficult to cutting alloy components, won the first prize of mechanical science and Technology Award and Invention Award, China Society of mechanical engineering,2019.10
  • 《Micro- and Nano- Bionic Surfaces — Biomimetics, Interface Energy Field Effects, and Applications》, United Kingdom: Elsevier, 2021.12
  • He elected as one of the ISBE fellow members in 2022

Topic title: Bio-to-Bionic Manufacturing of Micro/Nano Structure and Function


Bio-to-Bionic Manufacturing is to imitate the functioning mechanism or directly use the biomaterials such as biomolecule, cells, and tissues, or biology such as microorganisms, plants and animals, or parts of them, to synthetize, process, form or operate the materials, structures, parts, and even systems. The nature has exhibit the most complex and efficient forms of material structure and functions, which has been the inspiration treasury for human beings. The aim of Bio-to-Bionic Manufacturing technique is to learn and apply the composition/structure feature and functioning mechanism to improve the performance of engineering materials and manufacturing process capability, so as to promote the progress of the manufacturing & equipment technology. Bio-to-Bionic Manufacturing mainly includes three aspects: the characterization and understanding of functional structures from biological prototype, the biological manufacturing of materials and structures, and the bionic processing technology.

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