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2012.12- Present, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University, Associate Professor

2009.07- 2012.12, Department of Mechanical Engineering,Tsinghua University, Assistant Professor

2006.07-2009.07, Department of Mechanical Engineering,Tsinghua University, Post-doctor

Topic title: 3D-printed Bioresorbable Stent Coated with Dipyridamole-Loaded Nanofiber for Restenosis Prevention and Endothelialization


In this work, we developed an integrated stent with the combination of biodegradable polymers as the backbone material of 3D-printed stents and DP-loaded nanofibers as the coating. 3D bioresorbable stents were fabricated by printing on a rotation mandrel using PCL, and the stents were further coated with DP-loaded poly(D,L-lactide) (PDLLA) nanofibers by electrospinning.The cell viability, proliferation, and morphology analysis results revealed that stents coated with PDLLA/DP nanofibers could prevent the proliferation of SMC and have no adverse effects on endothelial cells. The in vivo implantation of stents coated with PDLLA/DP nanofibers showed initial patency and continuous endothelialization and alleviated neointimal formation.

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