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Professor Liqiang Wang is a distinguished clinician scientist, Vice director of the Department of Ophthalmology, Chinese PLA General Hospital. In addition to serving as committee of the Ophthalmology Group of the Chinese Medical Association Ophthalmology Branch, she is the chief scientist of National Key Research and Development Program of China, a member of the KPro Group of the Asia Pacific Ophthalmology Association, and vice director of the Ophthalmology Youth Committee of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association. Her clinical interests include chemical burns, end-stage dry eye and keratoprosthesis surgery.

Following the completion of her Doctorate, Professor Wang completed her two-year fellowship in Massachusetts Eye and Eye Hospital affiliated the Harvard Medical School and worked as visiting scholar in the Department of Biochemistry at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Topic title: Development of alternative products for corneas

Abstract: The scarcity of corneal donors is a significant impediment to addressing corneal blindness, necessitating the development of corneal alternative products. Through the utilization of tissue engineering, biotechnology, biomaterials, and stem cells, artificial corneal stroma, artificial corneal endothelium, and keratoprosthesis have been developed as potential solutions. Several of these innovations have received regulatory approval for clinical application, offering promise to the vast population of individuals affected by corneal blindness. This report will outline the research advancements made by our team and highlight international efforts in the development of corneal alternative products.

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