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Shichao Niu is a Professor at Jilin University. He holds a doctoral degree in Engineering He is a leading professor of the "Tang Aoqing Scholars" program at Jilin University. In recent years, he has led 4 projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and over 10 projects including National Key R&D sub-projects. He has authored 100+ SCI-indexed papers. He holds 20+ national invention patents. He has been honored with multiple provincial-level awards including the First Prize for Technical Invention in Jilin Province, the First Prize for Natural Science Academic Achievement in Jilin Province, and the Jilin Provincial Youth Science and Technology Award.

Topic title: Micro-and nanoscale template manufacturing technology for bionic functional surfaces


In the natural world, organisms have evolved superior surface functional structures over millions of years through continuous and rigorous natural selection processes, providing valuable insights and references for humanity. The application of biological surface functional structures to mechanical product interfaces has become a significant trend to meet the requirements of functional, diversified, and intelligent development. However, the controlled fabrication and replication of bio-inspired hierarchical micro-nano structures across scales onto product surfaces remains a substantial challenge. Leveraging sol-gel and chemical etching techniques, we have developed a concise and efficient bio-inspired functional surface template micro-nano manufacturing technology. Utilizing this approach, mechanical product surfaces can successfully inherit micro-nano scale intricate structures and their corresponding unique functionalities from biological surfaces. This technology holds the potential to introduce unprecedented opportunities for scientific research and engineering applications.

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